Ciel Grove

Healer & Artist

Everything is speaking to you.


You have gifts, magic and medicine within you. Our work together focuses on decoding and understanding the messages of your body, allies, relationships, spirit & environment, and working with various medicines to bring healing and alignment. Everything is speaking to and guiding you, and the world needs your gifts.


Initial Appointment

1.5-2 Hours, $230 

A comprehensive Naturopathic-style assessment of your current physical state and your goals in healing, combined with spirit-directed & intuitive reading of your soul state and path. 

Includes a projected map of your immediate healing focus and summary email. 

Direct healing or journeying may be offered in the session. 


Single Appointment

1 hour, $110

Responsive to your path & guidance, sessions may include a number of healing practices both during our session and offered as on-going healing personal work. 

Summary email with prescription and email support included. 


8 week healing intensive

1 hour session every week, $780

For those wishing to dive deep into their healing, or who are currently experiencing intense healing of trauma or awakening. Grounding and solidity are created first in the body/mind, and then you will be stretched and coached every week in the direction of alignment with your spirit. 

This is Transformational Healing. Within 8 weeks you will see significant change in your overall well-being and loving connection to self. 


Prices in USD. 

Please fill out this form to set up an appointment time. 

Prior to committing to working together we will connect for 15-20 minutes to make sure that I am the healer for you.