Ciel Grove

Healer & Artist



My job is to help awaken & align the soul self in others. 


I have always been a healer, but haven't always known how to do it well. There were a few personal disasters and soul sicknesses (good lord, my 20's..) that had to happen so that I could develop the compassion, wisdom and maturity to then assist others in their healing. Mine is the path of the wounded healer, and as harrowing as it's been at times, this journey is a magical & blessed one. 

I am an artist, a teacher, a musician, a scientist and a healer. A trickster, dreamhealer, Buddhist, and wisdom-keeper. And I am an earth protector and tree spirit—called an Ilpho in the tradition of my first teacher. I heal relationships, both those we have with the outside world and each other as well as those we form with our inner vistas. 

I am a Shamanic Healer, in the traditional sense.  Traditional Shamans were the ‘total’ healer in tribal communities, functioning as psychologists, teachers, mentors, artists, priests, provocateurs, storytellers and musicians. I am able to do this work because of both my innate nature, my path, and the education I have been gifted with through several master teachers. This education is on-going and never-ending.

I, like other Shamanic Practitioners, am a channel.  A bridge. I have always been able to connect with other ways of knowing, and when you have forgotten your connection to your inner ground and to the magic of living in connection to all that is,  it is this medicine that will call you back. My work is both the act of standing strong within myself as a container for energy to come through and then surrendering and stepping aside. I teach this practice of empowered & awakened surrender to others: the practice of divine integration, where we are able to be both active/male and passive/female; both willful and surrendered. 

We are all here to participate in the healing of the world. I carry medicine for those who trust this idea and desire to create a world grounded in compassion, joy, mutuality and possibility.. as well as the full masterful expression of their individual nature. 




I hold a BSc (Biology) from the University of Victoria, Canada and an MA (Integrative Healing) from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

I have been acknowledged and mentored over the last 10 years as a Traditional Shamanic Healer through several teachers:  a Master Huichol Shaman, a Aymara Shamana and chamakana (plant medicine woman), a Cherokee Thunderwalker, a Tibetan Holy Woman & a Haida Dreamhealer. 

I am also a certified Crisis Interventionist and Suicide Prevention Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutrition Expert, Herbalist, Wellness Coach, and Reiki practitioner. 



My gifts in practice are humor, clarity and joy. I work primarily with the energy and spirit of the trickster/coyote. I live for my garden, wild spaces, playing music with my partner, dance parties, my beautiful son, and for the transformative magic of this work with Spirit. I am all of these things, and I am none of them too. 



Ciel is a very bright individual, and is a great light not only for integrative medicine, but also for the world in general. She has a thorough grasp of the scientific perspective of herbal medicine and its effects on the body, as well as a profound connection to the spirits of medicine inherent in the plants, that if invoked grant benefits far beyond what can be expected from standard naturopathic care.

Ciel is a multifaceted, dynamic practitioner who is very down to earth and scientific with a depth of mind that reaches into the unknown and brings to light what is essential to heal.
— Kurt B, Traditional Herbalist

Ciel is an extraordinary presence in the lives of the people she and her work touch. She doesn’t just bring, she is calm, love, deep insight and an incredible store of knowledge about how to heal the human mind, body and spirit.
— Tara-Nicholle Nelson, CEO Transformational Consumer Insights/Former VP Marketing MyFitness Pal

“Ciel is a masterful integrative health practitioner.

Her innovative programs flow from her dedication to bringing together cutting-edge research on the neurobiology of stress, emotional self-management and holistic modalities with the utmost in compassionate service and a warm and heartfelt personal style.” 
— Dr. Meg Jordan, Co-President of The National Wellness Institute

Ciel has been a phenomenal healer, guide and friend throughout our
somewhat adventurous journey towards healthy bodies and overall well-being. We were lucky enough to meet her at a time when we were both grappling with significant emotional and physical challenges, and she’s been instrumental in our recovery and approach to our health.
She combines insights and practices from different systems of medicine and healing, and does so with extraordinary intelligence and generosity. Working with her has helped us begin to rediscover ourselves with joy, not frustration... and that is the greatest gift she could have ever offered us! Thank you, Ciel.
— Ashwin & Anusaya, Cultural Creatives