Ciel Grove

Healer & Artist

Who are you? 


You are a courageous seeker, an eternal dreamer, and probably a healer in your own right (even though you may heal in less classically obvious or intentional ways: through your art, your music, your business or your commitment to family). You seek expansion and evolution, and have no fear of the depths of your being, and you've probably always been somewhat like that: different and deeply engaged like that.

You are sensitive, empathic, intuitive & creative. These are both your greatest gifts and your greatest challenges. 

You aim to trust your life, and believe that the universal forces are benevolent and expansive in nature: that life is moving you towards more love. You aim to align yourself with this expansion, seeking complexity and growth rather than looking for the simple solution or the quick fix drug; for the dogmatic or victimizing way out. You choose the more difficult path of spirit and awareness when nearly all of our culture pressures you in the other direction. You move towards awakening, consciousness, integration.

Lastly, you appreciate the great mysteries of existence even as you seek to understand yourself (and others) as well as you can. You are on this journey for the long haul, and seek not the all-knowing guru who can 'fix' you nor the permanent transcendent experience where you can just kick back and relax for the rest of your days. You revel in the absurdity and beauty and holy-shit-mind-blowing-magic-of-life even as things are so damn hard somedays. You know that it is a gift to be human, and to feel all that we feel. In alignment with this, you seek not perfection in yourself and your life but to find and live from your knowing: the internal and eternal wisdom you hold within that will allow you to move past fear and release your work out into the world. You are willing to do the work to release everything that isn't that, for you trust that life contains more magic than what we've commonly been offered, and you aim to claim and live it. 


You are also most likely experiencing one or a few of these: 


self doubt.    depression.     anxiety.    

candida & other parasitic beings.   Childhood Trauma  

hormonal imbalance & low metabolism.       lyme disease.

disordered eating.      relationship disharmony. 

blocked creativity.     symptoms of awakening.

lack of boundaries.    insomnia. 


I carry medicine for these.